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Dom na Paškem Kozjaku
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General information
The hut is located on the south side of Špik, the westernmost peak of Paški Kozjak.
There are 100 seats in two restaurant areas and at the covered terrace in front of the house; the bar counter; in 6 rooms there are 16 beds, 18 communal beds; toilet, washing room with warm and cold water; central heating, running water, electricity, telephone.
The view
From the vicinity of the hut there is a view on only towards west on the valley of Šaleška dolina with Velenje and Šoštanj, on Smrekovec, Golte, Menina Plateau (Menina planina) and Dobrovlje and on the Savinja Alps with Ojstrica. From Špik there is a view on all sides: towards the east on Paški Kozjak with the highest peak Basališče, on Stenica, Konjiška gora, Boč and Donačka gora; towards the southeast on the Celje Basin (Celjska kotlina) and the Posavje Hills (Posavsko hribovje) on Kozjansko with Bohor; there is the mountain Gora Oljka on the south, and behind it the chain of the Posavje Hills; toward the southwest there are Dobrovlje and the Menina Plateau, towards the west are Golte and the Savinja Alps; on the west side there is Graška gora in the vicinity, towards the northwest Peca and Uršlja gora, and Svinška planina behind; on the north there is the nearby Pohorje Massif, and behind there are Košenjak and Golica. Also the nearby peak of Visoko offers a beautiful and wide view.
Access Car:
from the hut along the local road, which turns off from the main road Velenje-Dravograd in Paka at the Primary School, 7km. The RS, BS Velenje; the BS Paka, Gornji Dolič, Vitanje, Socka, Dobrna and Vinska Gora: from Velenje along the path Šaleška pot past Gonžar and Ramšak 3h30; from the school in Paka past Blažič 1h30; from the bus stop at gostilna Meža in Paki along the path of XIVth Division -across Loka 2h15; from Gornji Dolič through Potoški graben and across Globoko 3h; from Gornji Dolič along the road to Srednji Dolič, along the Glažarica Valley and past the church of sv. Mohor 2h; from Vitanje across the cliff of Kozjek and past Javor and under Basališče 3h30; from Socka along the path of XIVth Division 3h30; from Dobrna across Klanec and past Ramšak 3h30; from Vinska Gora along the path Pot Vinske gore past the hunting hut lovski dom na Lopatniku 3h30.
Interesting tours
Sv. Jošt (1063 m) 15 minutes; Špik (1108 m) 30 minutes; Visoko (991 m) 15 minutes; Basališče (1272 m) 1h15; Javorje (1252 m) 1h45.
Access to other mountain huts
In the area of the hills Paški Kozjak there are no other mountain huts.
Mountain hut is open, except on Mondays.
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